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Friday Night: Aaron Koblin and Computer Art @ Grey Area Beacon S.F.

May 29th, 2008, by Peter Hirshberg | located in Conversations | Comments off | trackback
Flight patterns
Last month my friend Josette Melchor and I opened a gallery space in San Francisco to celebrate computer-based art. We’re having an opening and gallery talk tomorrow, and things will continue well into the night with DJ Cosmo Vitelli whose come in from Paris for the occasion. Details here Grey Area Beacon event details.

We’re featuring the work of Aaron Koblin. His work is participatory, data driven, intriguing and immersive. We’re projecting the work onto special frames that are 10′ x 10′ (thats ten feet square!).

The evening begins at 6pm with cocktails. From 7-8pm I’ll be giving a talk on the history of computers and art and Aaron will be speaking about his work. We’ll have a reception with music at 8pm. And starting at 10pm and well into the night it’s an after party featuring DJ Cosmo Vitelli.

I love the way Aaron’s work show the underlying meaning in data and explores how web services can be used in the creative process. His work is…

Participatory —- SheepMarket is a work created by 10,000 people using Amazon’s mechanical  turk  web service. In this case all 10,000 were paid two cents each to create a sheep facing left. Some were delighted others outraged; hear Aaron tell the story tomorrow night.

Data Driven—  Flight Patters (pictured above) is a visualization of all air traffic above the United States in a 24 hour period. New York Talk Exchange uses real time IP and Telephone call data to illustrate global conversations. 

These and other works we’re showing were also recently featured in the NY Museum of Modern Art’s Design and The Elastic Mind exhibition

In addition to all this being “Art,” I think visualizations like these point towards new kinds of creative and communications opportunities for all of us to understand a world rich in data and connections. 

See you tomorrow!