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Meme gone wrong: conservatives not buying Bush commuting Libby’s sentence

July 2nd, 2007, by Peter Hirshberg | located in Conversations | Comments off | trackback

Andrew Sullivan nails the conservative meme, “They keep repeating the line that only the “left” will be angry. And links to some posts that (rather lamely it seems) make the point here and here.

If you look at the conservative blogosphere as a whole, and not just the few who reliably spread the party line the meme doesn’t seem to be playing out particurlarly well. A Technorati search of blogs tagged “conservative” that use the term Libby shows a lot of anger and disbelief from the rank and file.

At 5:28 PDT as I write this some of the headlines are: Outrage Fatigue, the rather exasperated “I Do Not Favor Impeachment”, Equal Justice Under Bush and Contempt of Court

Here is an additional Technorati seach that further constrains the results to more authorative conservative bloggers. Folks aren’t much happier here either.

Earlier in the day, before this news broke, the Washington Post ran an article on the increasingly detached bunker mentality of Bush Presidency headlined, “A President Besieged and Isolated, Yet at Ease.” It provides a prety good explanation of the tone deaf thinking that led to the Libby decision. The founders granted our President extrodinary powers of clemency and pardon, but when the collective reaction to their use is, “what an awful decision from a clueless guy” the political fallout can be equally extraordinary.

Postscript: best headline yet. Even Paris Hilton Served SOME of Her Time

Post Post Script: The last time I got riled up with such clarity was Watergate. For years it seemed like we were living in ambiguous times. No longer. If there is one thing this President is doing well, its helping to unite the country in realizing that things are going very wrong— and with little ambiguity about who to hold accountable.

Only this president could mange to pack the equivalent of the tragedy of the Vietnam war and the hubris of Wategate into a single administration.