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Transit Union Squelches Angry Bloggers

December 22nd, 2005, by Peter Hirshberg | located in Conversations | Comments off | trackback

89-twu The Transport Workers Union Local 100 has a blog. The Blog had comments. But no longer. Fortunately the comments were cached before the union tried to make all those angry New Yorkers go away. Bloggers wrote a lot about the strike, but the comments on the union site really seemed to catch the enmity of a lot of New Yorkers towards the union.

Sample Quote: "You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn’t hard at all. You get paid as much as cops and firemen, while much more as teachers. Something is wrong. You’re asking for way too much here. Back down and know your roll. You guys aren’t as high and as mighty as you think."

Thanks to Bill for finding this cache!

Hey, Local 100: you guys weighed the options, asked for support and chose to go on strike. So you ought to own and acknowledge citizen’s reaction. Censorship is so lame.

The fact that your leadership—which wrapped itself in Rosa Parks, dignity, and Dr. Martin Luther King— also embraces censorship and revisionism says more than a little bit about their openness and ethics.