The Conversation Group


Multichannel means breaking the silos of marketing. It means all of your channels working as one. You want a proven approach, but you need a cast iron business case.

We give you certainty so you can make big decisions – decisions your stakeholders and your agencies will want to be part of.

Working with you we develop a commercial model for your multichannel strategy which establishes the financial value of:

Then we run a test campaign within a customer sandbox. If the business case is proven in practice, your agencies will be able to deliver game-changing commercial returns without ever having jeopardised business-as-usual.

We work particularly effectively with multi-product brands with international reach. Our trials start delivering real results within ninety days. In other words, you get the value almost immediately, and you get the ability to make business decisions based on facts – with zero risk.

Is multichannel disruptive? We prefer the word transformational. Get in touch with The Conversation Group’s Chairman, , on +44 20 70 600 400.