Social Media – Technologies — 08 November 2011

The success of social engagement is increasingly driven not by the primary platforms such as Facebook, but by the technologies that augment them and leverage the social graphs and interest graphs within them – gaming apps, mobile apps, communications interfaces, commerce tools and data analytics. A fundamental grasp of these social technologies, from bespoke dashboards to booking engines, enables us to confidently advise and engage in digital brand conversations. TCG’s tech team comprises hardcore developers that can ‘bring to life’ the creative ideas of our agency teams without us or our clients having to look elsewhere to complete the picture. The skills are broad and vary from complex NLP and Machine Learning to Web technologies such as PHP and Ruby on Rails, and all the programming knowledge and experience to implement every aspect of a campaign.

INFORMM, a proprietary social media monitoring tool used primarily for brand analysis and reputation management was developed in conjunction with IIT Mumbai, using advanced NLP, search & machine learning technology.

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