Welcome to The Conversation Group

“Every single advertising, sales, lead-gen and marketing activity performs better when augmented with social technologies”

The Conversation Group is a consultancy specialising in deploying social technologies and communication best practices. We are as accomplished at developing a Facebook application, as we are about running an online PR or a media relations programme.

TCG is new breed of agency that delivers marketing and public relations services built upon a core expertise of online data extraction, aggregation and analytics. In the age of the iPad, multi-mode communications and engagement means that mobile and Facebook get equal mindshare and are as critical making Nationals ‘front page’ news. Online or Offline conversations have the ability to impact reputations, now being even closely intertwined.

TCG offers a range of services from audience engagement – media, bloggers, and online influencers; to strategy and consulting services that are transformational for the business.

The Conversation Group was founded by Chris Heuer, Giovanni Rodriguez, Ted Shelton and Peter Hirshberg in San Francisco in 2007 with Mark Adams and Doc Searls (a co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999) on the original founding board. The Firm opened in London the following year and Helsinki after that. Offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad followed in 2011. The company operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates and expects to announce additional offices in Brazil and China in 2012.

The company is now chaired by Mark Adams and the global CEO is Sandeep Kalsi. Chris, Giovanni, Ted and Peter have progressed on to pursue other interests and the company acknowledges and is grateful for their founding inspiration and talent.