Aspen Ideas Festival: Tweetup & Tweetorial 7:45 AM Friday

July 2nd, 2009, by Peter Hirshberg | located in Conversations | Comments off | trackback

On Monday we set a goal of 140 people using the Aspen Ideas Festival Tag #aif09. We put out the word, threw a tweetorial, published our how to tweet guide... and wondered what would happen.

#aif09 It worked: We’ve blew through 269 unique people using our #aif09 tag (for detail, chick on the chart to the left), and as of now there have been over 1500 tweets.

Crains Chicago Business took note, tweeting, "Wonky Ideas Festival gets sexy with Twitter." And wrote this article.

Today Lews Black recorded this urgent message to Ideas Festival  tweeters:

You can follow tweets in real time here via twazzup, and tweets by speaker here in a great page built for us by Adam Hertz at Tweebase.

Friday Morning I’ll be giving the tweetorial talk again at 7:45 AM in the Greenwald Pavillion. Festival Attendees, please come! (Best comment on the  first talk was from Gawker’s Nick Denton, who in his best British Tabloid sensibility told me, "I came by to make fun of the Tweetorial, but you actually explained Twitter better than the Twitter guys.")

Friday’s  tweetorial is part tutorial and part tweetup. So #aif09 tweeters, please come! I’ll spend the first part of the talk on why this unlikeliest of mediums works and run through some great use cases for our audience. I’ll also look at how twitter has been been used here in Aspen, and then go through how-to’s . Finally, we’ll break into groups where the twitter activated (which probably means you, if this link reached you) can help teach the rest how it all works.

The last tweetorial was standing room only… I was amazed by how many people (many my mom’s age) came out, learned, and tweeted.

Here’s text of the message we’ve shared with Ideas Festival Attendees just a couple days ago:

The Aspen 140

Engaging the World in 140 Characters at a time

The Aspen Ideas Festival gathers leaders to do the best thing you can do with ideas: share them. In years past all the action was on campus, aided by media (and bloggers) who reported on what was said. This year we’re adding a new dimension: extending our reach by tapping the community of speakers and attendees to participate in open conversation about the ideas that are generated and shared here. We call this the Open Ideas Project, and the people who will make it happen at The Aspen 140.

How does it work? The Aspen Ideas Festival is teaming up with The Conversation Group to recruit at least 140 attendees to participate in reporting the Festival using a number of social media tools, and linking and distributing the content via Twitter. The guide on the other side of this handout tells how. The Ideas Festival will present a Friday morning "tweetorial" with Peter Hirshberg on the hows and whys of Twitter. We’ll be aggregating all of the content originating from the Ideas Festival and posting daily a recap (a twecap?) of the best.

Our request: join twitter and share your Ideas Festival experience. Recruit your friends and speakers. Amp up the conversation! More than ever tools exist to weave the Aspen Institute Community into a global conversation. And that’s something each of us can do!

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