Daily Pulse — 03 October 2011

Facebook last night announced that a new feature “People Talking About This”, which will show the total number of stories published by Facebook users that mention a brand, including wall posts, comments, shares, etc. The metrics will help brands measure their earned media on Facebook in addition to their paid ads and owned Page posts. Weekly Total Reach will add up all of the users who’ve been exposed to a brand’s owned, earned, and paid media, including those who’ve interacted with a Page’s content or seen its ads, While the Insights tab will only be visible to admins, a simple count of People Talking About This will be publicly available on a brand’s Page beneath their total Like count.

Opinion: Without these new metrics, it was tricky or impossible for a brand to determine its total reach and how frequently it was being posted about by Facebook users. The new Page Insights won’t reveal exactly what is being said about a brand though. Brands will still want to use sophisticated third-party social media monitoring software to track feedback on other social platforms such as Twitter as well as the content of Facebook mention.


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