We work with business leaders to understand and react to the changes that are happening in their businesses and industries. With TCG, business leaders are exploring a range of opportunities for optimizing and mobilizing their organizations to collaborate, engage, and innovate more effectively in today’s marketplace.


Focus: To enable clients to better see, comprehend and measure their online marketing performance. We measure clients’ visibility and enable them to make judgments about how best to allocate their marketing and PR resources. We model the impact of online sentiment on client businesses. Whether it’s a global audience or a micro-audience, we find it and we understand it. And we reflect its concerns and language back to our clients. The foundation for our analytical work is constant monitoring of news sites, blogs, Twitter, comments, LinkedIn, search patterns, and online groups. We monitor and measure them across dozens of criteria so that we are continuously plugged into the online sentiment stream. In the process, we create unique data that our communications and strategy teams use to better position our clients. We also gain important insights into how our client employees’ ad hoc networks can contribute to a more effective business. We want to help you raise the effectiveness of your marketing and customer interactions. We can do that by: • Improving your knowledge of what customers, potential customers and influencers say about you
• Developing your capacity to be more effective online by bringing ROI measurement into online marketing
• Helping you grow better business intelligence
• Showing you what messages work best in which channels
• Helping you develop a more effective, measurable messaging mix


Focus: To enable businesses to execute on strategic initiatives leveraging best-practices in integrated, post-2.0 communications. We provide a broad range of services, including thought leadership, positioning, community management, influencer relations, content production, content syndication, and large-scale events. Our flagship service, “open communications,” enables businesses to scale their ability to communicate inside and outside the enterprise by identifying, educating and mobilizing staff to more effectively and efficiently engage with their peers.


Focus: To enable clients to select or build best-in-class platforms in support of their social technology programs. TCG is counseling some of the most innovative businesses on the best technologies and platforms for critical business functions — from internal collaboration, to external collaboration customer engagement, to integrated marketing solutions.


Focus: To enable leaders to rethink existing business processes that change as a result of social technologies. Our services here include (1) the application of social technology as a catalyst for change management and (2) the innovative use of social data as a foundation for designing new consumer services.