Workshops and Strategy

  • Our senior partners are helping dozens of companies understand how social technologies are changing their businesses and how they communicate both with employees and with markets. From speeches to workshops to ongoing advisory work, we can provide education programs, planning exercises, make sense of research data, and support leadership in transforming organizations to take advantage of these trends.
  • Company as Wiki — Social technologies including blogs, discussion forums, prediction markets, and social networks are the next big opportunity for organizations to reduce their internal cost of communication—the number one input into overall coordination costs for companies. Just as with preceding information technologies, these new tools will improve organizational efficiency, enable employees to collaborate more directly, free middle management to contribute more direct value to the organization, and inspire employees to take ownership for improving products and services and increase profitability.

    In our workshop, “The Company as Wiki,” The Conversation Group will explore how your company can improve productivity and quality ahead of your competition. Our senior partners will present to your management team best practices and strategies for implementing social tools inside your company and illustrate how this can transform your business processes and improve organizational efficiency.

    Companies as varied as Abbott Labs, Best Buy, Google, Saturn, and hundreds of other companies around the world are already using the power of social technologies to improve efficiency, employee morale, and the quality of their products and services. We’ll help your company do it too.
  • Social Media Landscape — Starting with an audit of your company’s current position in social media, this workshop will provide an in-depth analysis of how social media works and what your company can do to adapt your product development, marketing and communications, sales, and customer service functions to better engage with the market.

    We adjust the content of this workshop to your company’s specific needs and level of expertise. We can review how various forms of social media work, examine what your competitors are already doing, and present a benchmark and set of metrics for understanding how and where your company is already being discussed online.

    The workshop concludes with a hands-on brainstorming session which will result in a handful of specific projects designed specifically for your company that can provide the basis of a “test and learn” program to bring your team up to speed on social media.